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Plastic Heart

by Ghost Twin

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released May 19, 2017

All songs written and performed by Ghost Twin (Karen & Jaimz Asmundson).

Produced by Ghost Twin, Maya Postepski & Michael P. Falk.

Recorded and mixed by Michael P. Falk at Paintbox Recording, Winnipeg, Canada.

Mastered by Heba Kadry at Timeless Mastering, New York, USA.

Photography by Karen Asher. Layout by Jaimz Asmundson.

Live percussion, drum machine programming and additional vocals by Maya Postepski.

Bass Guitar on Chymical Wedding, The Haunt & Transfigured Heart by Joey Penner.

Additional Guitar by Michael P. Falk.

Produced with the participation of Manitoba Film & Music.

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.

Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

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Ghost Twin Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ghost Twin is dark synthpop with roaring synthlines, dirty pulsing bass, dreamy guitar, and a haunting vocal dichotomy where Baroque meets Industrial, with live video percussion that feeds cinema through a cut-up technique imbued with occult aesthetics. ... more

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Track Name: Blue Room
I stand with nothing and it speaks of
luminary shadow machines.
At time of death, unraveling us
to the lost abyss.

And afterwards, it speaks of nothing,
love is only a word.
Tired men sit in the blue room in the
red city of green fire.

Over under ever after,
we have eternity.
Left is energy’s creation,
it’s duration
three times three.

Come with us, we’ll give you all you want
and everything you wish for.
Sit with us in this dark blue room
on a seat of stone.

Aftermath, the luminary
snake-dragon comes,
he eats the children
of the lightning-star.
Track Name: Plastic Heart
Out of the darkness, words unfold,
questions answered, yes or no.
Rest the fingers, drop the guard ,
peer into the plastic heart.

Hidden truths can manifest ,
amplified where fingers rest.
A third companion joins the game,
a presence that cannot be named.

Who are you that knows no rest,
speaking through the alphabet.
Tell us what the future holds,
the price to pay, to name is yours.
Track Name: The Haunt
Last night, I couldn’t sleep.
I woke up with eyes of concrete.
Didn’t know if I was alone,
but their dark glow casts a shadow.
Blue light swirls around me
and opens up my astral body.
Come with me I’ll show you everything,
look beyond the walls of dreaming.

Wanna know what the worst part is?
You don’t know if this is real.
Out of breath and out of body,
tied down inside the nightmare.

Wanna know what the best part is?
You know that this is real.
Full of life beyond your body,
free to walk inside the dream .

The shadow walks between the worlds,
his light is pure and golden.
The shadow brings you wings to fly
into the crystal kingdom.

The shadow speaks the words untold
but hides behind a mask.
The shadow sings a shining song
but we’re too blind to hear it.
Track Name: Not Our Time
A lazy sunbeam makes its way
across the room
as I sink down into this bed we share.
If I looked over I would see
the ceiling caving in
but I’d rather rest
into your gentle stare.

I’m making coffee for you love,
nudging you gently to get up.
It’s time for life, dreams are done,
a kiss goodbye, warm with the sun.

I hear the door catch,
I know you have returned,
and I forget the time I was alone.
I reach out longingly
and draw your hands inside,
we know this broken house
contains a happy home.

The chilling wind, the burning sun.
They cannot claim us till we’re done,
and my love it’s not our time.

Someday we’ll find a little place,
glass-cased shelves, a rooftop garden.
Until then, my home’s your smiling face,
a safe space to lay my heart in.
Track Name: Saturn Swallows the Sun
Years from now when we look back,
the darkest days are in the past.
And every time we speak his name
you remember who’s to blame.

You gave up on sunlight
for the glow of a false moon.
Come now, oh Saturn,
bring back the sun.

Take all you want from your life
but leave me out of your ruin.
I can see through your lies,
nothing you speak is the truth.
Track Name: Chymical Wedding
We were young, we were poor,
but we felt immortal.
Over by the ocean shore,
we romanced into the gold.

Anything was possible,
but you chose to hide away.
Stolen by a kiss,
that pulled you away from me.

We’ll never see the end together,
our futures are miles apart.
The poison is in your heart forever,
consumed by the dark.

You now old, broken soul,
too late to break free.
Once we were so in love
but that was never meant to to be.

Golden wings burned in the sun,
where we’re terrified to be.
Silver sails towards the moon,
where one day we all will see.
Track Name: Mystic Sabbath
Whirlwind, eagle lion,
tree upon mountain zion.
Marriage of starbeam clod,
mystic sabbath saints of god.
Stride the broomstick god in man,
spur the goat whose name is Pan.
Heaven knows itself unjust,
Beneath hoofs stars are puffs of dust.

Rise my soul, space is spanned,
Time a poppy crushed in hand.
While thou reaches out to grip,
Grail of god tilt to thy lip.
Whirring shaft of light a web,
tides of being flow and ebb.
One heartbeat eternal stress,
extremes that cancel nothingness.

Energized self sustained,
eagle-pinioned lion maned,
exulting splendour as it lashes,
phoenix plumes immortal ashes.
One fleck seed of spirit spun,
whirls and creates a sun.
Cosmos bounding in its course,
sacred snake the father force.
Track Name: Evermore
When my tired, listless eyes
give way to walls of sleep,
which echo silent cries
that plead your soul to keep.

In dreams we walk together,
but here you are a phantom.
The Tall Man keeps you here
inducing lucid nightmares.

“We are the evermore,
who are the only ones.
We are the evermore,
who will be always.”

Doldrums of the spirit world,
consciousness is lessening
inside my body’s haunted,
this house is suffocating.
Track Name: Into Oblivion
To the edge you go,
through the gloomy wild.
A return to the raw, unending void.
On your lips, I smell blood:
metal and chrome.
Back to the blue, is where we go.

All you can take is your name
when you’re naked and dying.
So let’s drink, to life
and we’re naked all night.
What we take can make it light
to cope, make oblivion all right.
Naked, all ragged,
let us lay so righteous and bright.

All you can take, is your name
when you’re naked and dying.
So let’s drink, to life
and we’re naked all night.
Until we reach a state of light
we dope, make oblivion all right.
It’s sacred, and so bright
but we just pray, and wallow in shite.

The law is to love, all that’s above
and everything down below.

We live to destroy, we take and never give.
We say it’s alright, because he will forgive.
Track Name: ElectroHirsute
He holds the dagger,
she holds the cup.
An angry blade sinks down
and covers her love.
Bone-crushing weight of
his dogmatic frown,
smothers her body
in a galena gown.

Deep in the night,
hides the moon in the sky
behind the earth’s shadow,
she shines oh so bright.

Terrified he hides his fears
in pools of white lace,
while a flaming black veil
burns her beautiful face.
He shames and degrades her,
Sathariel’s plan.
Says he “couldn’t help it,
her skin drove him mad.”
Track Name: Transfigured Heart
I saw where he kept it quite by accident,
in a secret compartment
behind a framed navel chart.
If I bide my time until the
whole house falls silent.
Have night hide my face if not
the terrible beat of my wanton,
indiscreet human heart.

Fierce echo the halls as the four chambers
pound. Hard to believe the whole city
won’t wake with that sound.

Nothing in nature can ever compare to this.
Empyreal spiral of opaline gold.
Impossible still that my freemason uncle
somehow had this hidden away,
But its there and I must have a look
at least now that I know.
Letting the blue velvet gently unfold.
Revealing a sparkling unicorn’s horn.

Ah my body aches with the fever to touch.
Knowing full well that to touch
on the surface is never enough.
Finding a corner where the oak-panelled
wall meets the rococo desk.
Bracing the horn which burns and
chills me equally and with leverage now
pressed through my breast.
How serene a heart cleft!